1.1 – Religion and Power


screen-capture-81Editors’ Note:

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs premieres in a new millennium wrought with growing contradictions and enduring tensions. Advances in communications technology and a growing acceptance of democracy and capitalism have effectively put interdependence on steroids. The disrupting forces of globalization now collide with the traditional order, redefining standard notions of security, identity, and the state itself. The consequences of this collision will determine how we come to understand– and define– this new era in international affairs.

A principal theme of this inaugural issue is that in a globalized world, no country can go it entirely alone. German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer writes that Europe and America’s future lie in increased cooperation, with a more independent Europe playing the role of “indispensable partner.” Frank Cilluffo and Paul Byron Pattak make the case for a stronger partnership between the public and private sectors to meet unprecedented security threats in cyberspace.

How will nations, especially the United States, react to this unfamiliar world of growing contradictions and enduring tensions? With some humility, we hope. Towering over the world like a global colossus, a benign hegemon, or a drunken gorilla (depending on taste), the United States would be wise to follow John F. Kennedy’s intonation that with privilege comes responsibility. Today and into the foreseeable future, responsibility means applying vision, equanimity, reliability, and good faith to the conduct of statecraft. We hope the articles in our first issue contribute to this goal, and we hope that you enjoy reading them.

– Ben Powell & Stephanie Kaplan

Forum: Religion and Power

Jews, Christians, Muslims and their influence on U.S. foreign-policy making.

          Islam is neither monolithic nor America’s enemy.

          Five approaches to fighting it.

          An insider’s perspective on the work of faith-based NGOs.

Conflict & Security

  • Cyber Threats: Ten Issues for Consideration by Frank J. Cilluffo & Paul Byron Pattak | Read  
  • Interview: Is Kenneth Waltz Still M.A.D. About Nukes? Interview with Kenneth Waltz | Read  

          The father of neorealism asserts that nuclear deterrence is alive and well.

Culture & Society

  • Northern Ireland’s Burden of History by John E. Osborn | Read  

Business & Finance

          Coca- Cola Chief Douglas Ivester talks about being local in the age of globalization.

Law & Ethics

Politics & Diplomacy

  • Globalization and the Demands of Governance by Princeton N. Lyman | Read  
  • The Indispensable Partner by Joschka Fischer | Read  
  • Should Foreign-Policy Makers Listen to the Public? by Frank Lavin | Read 

Science & Technology


View From the Ground

  • In Search of the Promised Land by Hlumelo Biko | Read 

A Look Back

  • The CIA and Radio Free Europe by Cord Meyer | Read  

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