The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs is profoundly indebted to the continued support of the following individuals who, through their tireless commitment to the publication, allow it to continue to grow and thrive.

University Council
The University Council of the Journal is comprised of professors and administrators from around Georgetown University who have pledged their time and effort to guide the publication through solicitation, editorial work, and peer review. The Journal would like to thank the following individuals for their steadfast stewardship in maintaining the high standards and ambitious vision enshrined in the publication’s mission statement.

Jeffrey Anderson (Chair), Marc Busch, Matthew Carnes, Raj Desai, Mark Giordano, Christine Kim, Joanna Lewis, Katherine Marshall, Susan Martin, Kathleen McNamara, James Millward, Daniel Nexon, Steven Radelet, Elizabeth Stanley,

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board of the Journal is made up of generous members of the wider ‘Georgetown family’ who have worked over the years to ensure the publication continue to flourish and grow. For their continued support and everlasting patience, the Journal would like to thank the following individuals.

Christiane Amanpour (Chair), David Abshire, Susan Bennett, H.R.H. Filipe de Borbón, Cara DiMassa, Robert L. Gallucci, Michael Mazarr, Jennifer Ward, Fareed Zakaria