Current Staff


Executive Director: Kathleen Guan
Director of Business Operations: Taylor Fitzgerald
Director of Communications: Graham Willard
Director of Design: Lille Brown
Director of Finances: 
Bessie Zavidow
Director of Finances: Esther Kim
Director of Human Resources: Angela Qi
Director of Marketing: Emily Portuguese
Director of Sales: Minas Rasoulis
Director of Strategy: Siddharth Singh
Associate: Field Daniel


Executive Editor: Mana Mostatabi
Managing Editor: Peter Metzger
Co-Section Editor, Features: Jeong Whan Park
Co-Section Editor, Features: Altan Ozler
Editorial Assistant, Features: Victor Li
Editorial Assistant, Features: Aaron Baum
Co-Section Editor, Culture & Society: Crosbie Marine
Co-Section Editor, Culture & Society: John Miller
Editorial Assistant, Culture & Society: Camilla He
Editorial Assistant, Culture & Society: Jaebok Lee
Editorial Assistant, Culture & Society: Sinead Schenk
Section Editor, Five Minutes: Jonah Langan-Marmur
Editorial Assistant, Five Minutes: Siddharth Singh
Editorial Assistant, Five Minutes: Margaret Chappell
Section Editor, Business & Economics: Shamshad Ali
Section Editor, Business & Economics: Max Maydanchik
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Arjun Mehrotra
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Dylan Farrell
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Jaein Song
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Lindsay Martin
Section Editor, Relief and Development: Abigail Ulman
Section Editor, Relief and Development: Michaela Colangelo
Editorial Assistant, Relief and Development: Melissa Morgan
Editorial Assistant, Relief and Development: Isabelle Smith
Editorial Assistant, Relief and Development: Andres Marquez
Section Editor, Conflict & Security:  Lev Sugarman
Editorial Assistant, Conflict & Security: Rohan Mishra
Editorial Assistant, Conflict & Security: Shadia Milon
Editorial Assistant, Conflict & Security: Bryce Couch
Section Editor, Human Rights and Governance: Jesus Rodriguez
Section Editor, Human Rights and Governance: Aaron Baum
Editorial Assistant, Human Rights and Governance: Ben Garrison
Editorial Assistant, Human Rights and Governance: Kelsey Amadeo-Luyt
Co-Section Editor, Science and Technology: Bridget Johnson
Co-Section Editor, Science and Technology: Carmel Lev
Editorial Assistant, Science and Technology: Jaclyn Lee
Editorial Assistant, Science and Technology: Reilly Barry


Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Hoffecker
Editor-in-Chief: Harrison Goohs
Editor-in-Chief: Laura Pedersen
Managing Editor: Mara Goldman
Section Editor, Forum: Daniel Wassim
Section Editor, Forum: Anna Paglia
Editorial Assistant, Forum: April Artrip
Editorial Assistant, Forum: Colin Maloney
Section Editor, Politics & Diplomacy: Sam Gerstle
Editorial Assistant, Politics & Diplomacy: Kanchana Sthanumurthy
Section Editor, Business & Economics: Hannah Nelson
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Abhinav Ketineni
Editorial Assistant, Business & Economics: Kate Hyun
Section Editor, Conflict & Security: Beatriz Bechelli
Section Editor, Conflict & Security: Macon Sheppard
Editorial Assistant, Conflict & Security: Anthony Palacio
Editorial Assistant, Law & Ethics: Emma Rhodes
Editorial Assistant, Law & Ethics: Meghan Bodette
Section Editor, Culture & Society: Harrison Goohs
Section Editor, Culture & Society: Kevin McQueeney
Section Editor, Science & Technology: Andrew Ireland
Editorial Assistant, Science & Technology: Mahesh Kumar
Editorial Assistant, Books: Joshua Chang
Section Editor, Dialogues: Samantha Wolk
Editorial Assistant, Dialogues: Sophia Mauro
Copy Editor, General: Dineo Brinson
Copy Editor, General: Gustav Honl-Stuenkel
Copy Editor, General: Matthew Melbourne