Marwa Shalaby and Adan Obeid

Marwa Shalaby, PhD, is the Fellow for the Middle East and Director of Women's Rights in the Middle East Program, Rice University. Her research is in the field of comparative politics and research methodology, with a concentration on Middle Eastern politics, gender politics and democratization. Her ongoing research investigates the dynamics of female political representation in the MENA region. She is the PI for the Governance and Elections in the Middle East Project (GEMEP) and she has published extensively on the topic. Her upcoming book explores the impact of authoritarianism on shaping women’s access to politics in the Arab world. Adan Obeid is a Research Associate at the Center for Middle East at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. Her areas of research include electoral politics, gender representation, and identity politics and sectarianism. She is also the project coordinator for the Carnegie Corporation-funded project on the Middle East: Building Inclusive and Pluralistic States Post-Arab Spring. She received her Master's degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from University of Exeter.