Print Submissions

The following criteria must be met for all submissions to the Journal. Any article not fulfilling these criteria will not be accepted.

  • Articles must be submitted via email to
  • Articles submitted to the Journal must be original, must not be drawn substantially from material previously published by the author, and must not be simultaneously submitted to any other publication.
  • Articles should be between 2,500-3,000 words in length. Articles exceeding the word limit will not be considered.
  • Manuscripts must be typewritten and double-spaced, with margins of at least one inch. Although citations are necessary, descriptive endnotes are not. Authors should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Contact information and author biography or CV must accompany each submission.

Additional Information:

  • Due to the high volume of submissions, the Journal cannot respond to all authors of submitted manuscripts.
  • The Journal assumes no obligation regarding publication of submitted articles. As a peer-reviewed academic publication, all Journal articles must pass peer review to be published.
  • Our Authors’ Packet is available for download here.